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Ana Inés Expat Uy
Ana Inés 

Ana Inés, who runs Expat Uy, is 48 years old, married and mother of a child. She has a degree in Marketing and an International MBA, both from prestigious Universities in Montevideo (UDE) and Buenos Aires (UADE). Since childhood she has been closely related to expatriates and through her professional activity has shared many of her personal experiences with them.

In the past, Ana Inés worked for international and local prestigious companies in industries of mass consumption, advertising agencies, and education until she moved to Argentina, accompanying her husband in his new post there.

With her move to Argentina came first-hand experience of expatriate living.
In 2009, back in Uruguay, based on several years of successful personal experience giving advice to friends coming to Uruguay, she set up her own company (Expat Uy) and is offering a professional relocation service to newcomers.

As years pass by, Ana Inés has assisted over 500 people in different topics and from the 5 continents.

Expat Uy has a close relation with relocation companies all over the world, being able to give you the service that you may need abroad.

Locally, Expat Uy has a net of professional to guarantee that you will receive the expert advice ad-hoc with your situation, recommending you experienced professionals in any field, according to your need. That net has public translators, notaries, lawyers, CPA for local business, CPA for international business, realtors, etc.. These professionals are not part of Expat Uy stuff. That makes Expat Uy totally independent to select the best professional to give you the expertise solution according to your specific need.