Our system

Tailor-made relocation service at affordable rates


Expat Uy offers a tailor-made relocation service at very affordable, highly competitive rates, not a burden to your budget because:

  • the service is personalized
  • it has no headquarters office with fix expenses to cover
  • services are charged by the hour
  • the client is guided and taught to do what can be done alone, avoiding paying EXPAT UY fees
  • a schedule is agreed upon in advance, avoiding surprises
  • it accomplishes all the legal requirements, and the clients receive a legal invoice
  • the clock starts ticking when the client is picked up, and ends when and where the client desires
  • the fees of the day are paid once the work of the day is over (just as any other reimbursement for “piece work”).
  • In parties of 4 people or less, transportation and parking costs inside Montevideo is included in Expat Uy service.
  • paperwork costs that require a third party, such as a public notary, translations, etc., are paid by the client, as well as all the cost of the residency process, such as government charges, health care exam, etc.

Expat Uy clients specifically appreciate in this system that:

-it optimizes their time and money

-it is cost-efficient (much of the previous clarifications and explanations are done by e-mail or phone).

-it has no surprises as it is previously agreed upon by e-mail

-all documentation is always in the owner’s possession up to the moment it is left at a government office to continue its process, thus reducing the chance of losing any documents

-in case some paper needs to be taken to the notary or translator, the client always knows how to contact the professional that is handling it.

– it always informs the client in advance of upcoming fees for its service


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