Why hire a relocation agent

Stress-reducing guidance for resettlement.

In your relocation in Uruguay, Expat Uy is your main ally for a quick and effective resettlement.

From many points of view Uruguay is a wonderful place to settle: low crime rate, short distances, mild weather (no volcanos, earthquakes, etc.), beautiful scenery, plenty of green spaces, beaches, accessible resorts, and proximity of towns offering vibrant cultural activity.

A foreigner reaching these shores for the first time may not immediately notice all that Uruguay has to offer. The apprehension of entering a new phase of challenges which has meant leaving behind loved ones and cherished possessions, may lead to an initial feeling of frustration and nostalgia.

The situation is even more complicated if the newly arrived is accompanied by spouse and family. While the working partner is spending a great deal of time and attention on new professional responsibilities, is the spouse who has to focus on practical aspects such as finding a home, a school for the children, and so on.

This is where the services of Expat Uy are of particular value. It is committed to reduce the stress of the move, and optimizing the resettlement process in this new country, so that families can quickly feel at home and ready to get around independently.

Some families think that helping the expats and their families to settle down is part of the job of the hiring company, what is not. Not being this the core business of the company, it just makes the company take out focus and resources away from the day-to-day work, while giving the expat and his family a lousy attention. Expat Uy offers the expatriate family the attention that the employing company is unable to give.

Much of the expats are coming by themselves not having someone taking care of their backs (like in some cases would be a hiring company). This people may need not only a complete guidance in where and how to start in Uruguay but also may need a friend to relay on. Expat Uy, due its own characteristics, can also give this people a unique support.

Some people also think that they should hire a lawyer, especially when applying for legal residency. This is not necessary at all. In much of the cases the lawyer fees will only cover the paperwork for living in Uruguay and not in the bunch of topics that a family needs to solve for resettling.

Expat Uy offers a complete service in all what is related with expat relocation in Uruguay for a successful resettlement.

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