Housing and settling

Housing and settling

The lifestyle that you dream off

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Expat Uy: the best advice for settling locactions

EXPAT UY advice you in the best location for settling according to your family specific needs.

Get EXPAT UY advice about:

-neighborhoods according to the family needs

-education centers (from kindergarten to universities, and from languages to cooking schools)

-rental contracts and negotiation for purchasing a property

-health centers and how they work

-household items, where to get (buy or rent) furniture, appliances, etc.

-home services (domestic service, gardener, cable TV, internet,  electrician, etc.)

-getting mobile phones

-cars (buying or renting)

-getting around the city (how to move about, main streets, how to use public transportation)

-managing emergencies (blackouts, car accidents, etc.)

-learning about local products offered at the supermarket

-cultural integration: places to visit, cultural life, centers for personal development (studios, fitness club, social clubs, etc.), contact with expatriate groups.

-counselors (professional support)

EXPAT UY only gives advice.
EXPAT UY, is not a real estate company or a domestic service agency.
EXPAT UY only works as a link between its clients and potential suppliers.
EXPAT UY, is totally independent from de companies it may recommend and has no business relations with any of them.
EXPAT UY can show the clients various neighborhoods, and describe their pros and cons. If the client so wishes, EXPAT UY can contact real estate companies and can accompany the client to visit the proposed properties.