What clients have to say…

Gabriela Radulescu:

“When I decided to move to Uruguay and seek legal permanent residence, I asked around and learned that some American ex-pats had used the services of specialized local companies with a large staff while others had used the services of EXPAT UY, which seemed to me at first blush to be a “boutique” company. In analyzing their experiences I came to the conclusion that the services of the former seemed to be more or less like an assembly line operations with a “fixed menu” of choices, whereas with EXPAT UY I would get personal attention, flexibility and lots of options, and also more bang for the buck, a combination you can’t beat. Ana Inés may be highly qualified because of her academic credentials and experience but what impressed me the most cannot be learned: she is a born and passionate problem solver and a talent in “lateral thinking”. She takes every challenge that comes up (not only in the residence process but also the everyday niggling problems that arise in an expat’s acculturation process), breaks them down patiently into their components and comes up with amazingly easy solutions. I don’t know how many times I exclaimed: “You are a genius!” I owe EXPAT UY not only for the much needed guidance and support in the fulfillment of legal formalities but also for making me feel I had arrived “home”. I could not recommend her, and EXPAT UY overall services highly enough.”

Cory and Maryanne Sea:

“My husband and I have made four international moves. We know first-hand, how overwhelming they can be. We also know how critical it is to have someone ‘on the ground’ in the new home country to assist with everything from visa regulations to internet connections. When my husband and I were seriously considering Uruguay as our next home, we contacted Ana Perez.We could not have asked for more outstanding service. Ana is highly educated (with an MBA) is a native Uruguayan and speaks English very well. In addition, she works tirelessly to help her clients understand the residency process and finds their way through it easily. She responded efficiently and effectively to every question we asked – and we asked a lot of questions! We don’t think you could find more professional assistance than that offered by Ana Pérez. She is truly excellent.”

Other clients? comments taken from their e-mails:

“We are making progress thanks to your help yesterday”. Your assistance has been very important and we are grateful!- J. White

“You more than handled everything, Ana, and we are most appreciative” We can not thank you enough for all that you did. You are a god-send to anyone wanting to relocate and I hope many, many people find their way to you.- M. Sea

You are the BEST. Thanks. – A. Siddique

“You are wonderful!!” I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you agreed to help me.- V. Mudgett

“We are very grateful for the kind of service you offer… it is really excellent”- M. Sea

“She’s done an excellent job with high integrity and I trust her with my sensitive affairs”- D. Braun

“I owe you” dollars and my new Uruguayan life….- G. Radulescu

“Thank you so much for your help today. I really appreciate your efforts. Your knowledge of the procedures and your assistance was invaluable.”- B. Schoettler

“You know what; every time we correspond it is a pleasure. If I were to set up a business again, I would like to do it with someone like you. Your work ethics are very seldom. Stay as you are…”- E. Diekemper