Housekeepers in Uruguay

Housekeepers in Uruguay

A complete guide to the rights and obligations of each party, and the real costs


  1. General
  2. BPS (including “Aportes Patronales”)
  3. Health coverage and insurance
  4. Salary
    • “Aportes Personales” to BPS
    • Seniority benefit
    • Salary increase
    • Bus tickets
  5. Salary receipt
  6. Overtime
  7. “Aguinaldo”
  8. “Presentismo”
  9. Vacations and its payment
  10. Special vacations
  11. Illness, work accident and pregnancy
  12. Free adhoc advice and report of a fault
  13. End of the contractual relationship
  14. How much does it cost per year to have a housekeeper? (practical examples)
  15. Tips for a successful relationship employer/employee


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