Health card for migration purpose

Health card for migration purpose

An answer to all your questions regarding to the health card


What is the health card?

Which what diseases they will reject me?

What will they review? What do I need for the test?

Where to get it? How much does it cost?


  • Children under 14 years old don´t need blood and urine test. Also children don´t need this health card IF they have the “government booklet” (Carné de salud del niño o carné de salud del adolecente). This booklet is issued by a local pediatrician.
  • Be aware that for your drive license, you will need a different health card.


Cost: U$S 3 (this and all articles are free for Expat Uy clients)

How to get this article:

  • Do the payment through PayPal at (or
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  • Within 24hs you will received the complete article in the email address that paid for it

What to expect: a 500 words article with the answer to the questions shown

Guarantee: You can contact us to specify something that was not clear in the article.