Gabriela Radulescu´s experience with Expat Uy

In analyzing their experiences I came to the conclusion that the services of the former seemed to be more or less like an assembly line operations with a “fixed menu” of choices, whereas with EXPAT UY I would get personal attention, flexibility and lots of options, and also more bang for the buck, a combination you can’t beat.

Ana Inés may be highly qualified because of her academic credentials and experience but what impressed me the most cannot be learned: she is a born and passionate problem solver and a talent in “lateral thinking”.

She takes every challenge that comes up (not only in the residence process but also the everyday niggling problems that arise in an expat’s acculturation process), breaks them down patiently into their components and comes up with amazingly easy solutions.

I don’t know how many times I exclaimed: “You are a genius!” I owe EXPAT UY not only for the much needed guidance and support in the fulfillment of legal formalities but also for making me feel I had arrived “home”. I could not recommend her and EXPAT UY overall services highly enough.”